We understand how stressful it is to navigate the Medicaid system.

We can help you.

Medicaid Qualification

NTSOC is a non-profit intake agency that offers comprehensive case management services for Colorado’s Children’s Home and Community-Based Services (C-CHCBS) Waiver Program.

Our case managers can help you understand your loved one’s benefits and assist you in obtaining information and services needed for him or her to reach their maximum potential. Suppose you have tried to qualify for Medicaid in the past but were ineligible due to income parameters. In that case, our case managers help determine if you are eligible for Medicaid under the C-HCBS waiver program.

The C-HCBS Waiver

The C-HCBS Waiver could allow your loved one to qualify for Health First Colorado (Medicaid) program benefits regardless of parental income. These benefits allow your loved one to receive services in your home and community.

Eligibility for the C-HCBS Waiver

Your loved one must meet financial and program criteria to access services under this program. The waiver serves individuals from the age of birth to 18 and requires medical care that would typically be provided in either a skilled nursing facility and/or acute hospital. Otherwise, due to your income and/or resources, your loved one would not be eligible for Health First Colorado.

Services Available with the Waiver

Suppose your loved one is eligible through the C-HCBS waiver. In that case, you can receive all Health First Colorado covered services, including medically necessary services such as nursing, C.N.A., therapy, medical equipment, and supplies.

Case managers are skilled at helping your loved one with the following services under the C-HCBS Waiver:

  • Assessing your loved one’s long-term care needs
  • Developing and implementing a service plan for your loved one
  • Providing resources for services
  • Coordinating and monitoring the delivery of long-term services
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of services
  • Conducting annual reassessments of your loved one’s needs

If you have any questions about the program, please contact our Director of Case Management at 719-574-5562, extension 229.