What is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy is considered the “gold standard therapy” for helping people with developmental disorders gain new skills and reduce unsafe behaviors. This therapy is considered by many doctors, families, and clinicians as an effective technique to increase many individuals’ quality of life and help them meet a wide variety of skill goals. NTSOC’s ABA therapy branch is provided in-home or in the community, based on the needs of your child.

ABA interventions often look and sound different for each child, as each person’s skill goals are highly individualized.  Such interventions focus on identifying the reason why a person is engaging in unsafe behaviors and teaching the person to engage in alternative communication and adaptive skills through the use of strategic positive reinforcement. The goal is to increase the person’s age-appropriate skills and decrease any behaviors that are harmful or seriously interfere with their learning. A BCBA works with your family to highlight the child’s strengths and support their development of new skill areas to create a personalized plan to help your child live a fulfilling, independent life.

How ABA Therapy Can Help Your Child

ABA therapy helps your child learn how to communicate their needs as well as cope with the stresses of their environment.  When a child engages in a coping skill rather than an unsafe behavior, they are provided with fun activities, attention, toys/games, or a combination of two or more of these. This reinforcement encourages the coping skill behaviors to continue while reducing the likelihood that the child will engage in the unsafe behaviors they used prior to ABA.  Many of these coping skills include developing independent daily living skills and social interactions with peers and adults. Therapists also collaborate with parents and help them learn new ways to respond to their child’s behavior. This coordination between therapists and caregivers provides a supportive environment that encourages the best possible outcomes for the family.

ABA therapists work with your child’s doctors, specialists, and teachers to create individualized treatment strategies and goals. Let us help you and your child by teaching them meaningful skills to increase their independence while reducing unsafe behaviors.


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