Committed to Disabled
Children and their Families

The Oscars of the HR Industry

NTSOC is proud to announce that we took third place for the Best Workplace in the Extra Large Company category by the Gazette last night. Called “The Oscars of the HR Industry,” the annual best workplace focuses on successful business performance, employee engagement, and customer retention. We thank all employees who voted for our nonprofit. We are humbled to accept this award.

The Oscars of the HR Industry



A parent started NTSOC with a disabled child in 2001 to get their children Medicaid waivers and ensure the proper training and hiring to be CNAs while taking care of their families and their medically fragile child. NTSOC provides supportive services to special needs pediatric patients and their families. Governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, NTSOC serves families throughout El Paso, Fremont, Pueblo, and Teller counties.