Committed to Disabled
Children and their Families

NTSOC Online Certified Nurse Aide School

Over the years, we have received feedback from our students that a new era requires a new model of learning for CNAs. We acted on this advice by putting forth the highest quality online programming available. Our talented team of CNA Instructors has come together to teach about caring for people in need while stressing compassion and by using a “whole human” approach, all in the comfort of your home. Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and get ready to learn.

Online Certified
Nurse Aide School



NTSOC was started by a parent with a disabled child in 2001 so parents can get their children Medicaid waivers and be trained to be paid CNAs while taking care of their families and their medically fragile child. NTSOC provides supportive services to special needs pediatric patients and their families. Governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, NTSOC serves families throughout El Paso, Fremont, Pueblo, and Teller counties.