What is your INF Testing code?


Our INF testing code is exclusively used for students who have graduated from NTSOC and is not given out to graduates from other schools. This code allows NTSOC to provide [...]

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How Much Is The CNA Program?


The tuition for the CNA program is $700. This includes the course, BLS CPR Certification, State Testing Voucher, and the required textbook in ebook format.

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Does NTSOC Offer Any Evening, Weekend, or Night Courses?


NTSOC is happy to offer evening hybrid courses! See the course calendars on our website for available evening courses. NTSOC does not offer weekend courses at this time.

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What Are Clinical Days?


Clinical days occur during the fourth week of the program. Clinical days take place on the last two days. These are in-person skills practice with residents of a skilled living [...]

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What Are Lab Days?


Lab days occur during the third week of the program and are a total of 4 days. Lab days are in-person introductory skills practice with your classmates and manikins.

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How Does The Course Work?


All NTSOC CNA courses are hybrid courses. The first 2 weeks are at home and online, with the exception of the day class begins. Class begins with an in-person orientation [...]

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