How Do I Get Enrolled?


To enroll please begin by applying on our website. Then be sure to watch your email for a response from the CNA school with additional enrollment information.

How Do I Get Enrolled?2023-04-24T16:46:40+00:00

When Is The Next Course?


All of our course calendars are posted on our website. Please review them and determine which class is right for you before applying.

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I Am Exempt From The COVID Vaccine. What Do I Need To Know?


Please know that we only hold one class each month that will accommodate COVID-exempt individuals. This is due to our clinical sites and their private rules that we must follow [...]

I Am Exempt From The COVID Vaccine. What Do I Need To Know?2023-04-24T16:30:46+00:00

What Are The Prerequisites To Join?


These are the requirements to join: All students must be 16 years of age or older Obtain a TB test Obtain a flu vaccination or request a declination Obtain a [...]

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Can I Set Up A Payment Plan?


All tuition must be paid before the attended course ends, with a minimum deposit of $150 paid before the class begins. We will allow 2 additional split payments of the [...]

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Does NTSOC Accept Loans or Grants?


NTSOC will accept third-party payments or grants from the following:  Family/Friends of Student Workforce Centers of America (Pikes Peak, Alamosa, Douglas) Mt. St Francis Nursing Center Bear Creek Senior Living [...]

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How Much Is The CNA Program?


The tuition for the CNA program is $700. This includes the course, BLS CPR Certification, State Testing Voucher, and the required textbook in ebook format.

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Does NTSOC Offer Any Evening, Weekend, or Night Courses?


NTSOC is happy to offer evening hybrid courses! See the course calendars on our website for available evening courses. NTSOC does not offer weekend courses at this time.

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What Are Clinical Days?


Clinical days occur during the fourth week of the program. Clinical days take place on the last two days. These are in-person skills practice with residents of a skilled living [...]

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