Group Therapy Program

Would your loved one like to learn how to bowl? Do you think it would be beneficial for him or her to see another child or young adult eating with a fork? Do you think he or she would like to learn some dance moves? Or hit the yoga mats? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our group therapy classes might be a perfect fit for your loved one.

If your child or young adult is eligible to participate, one of our therapists will write specific goals for what your loved one might accomplish during the duration of the class. After every session, the therapist will update notes to log the process. Medicaid typically covers these sessions in combination with private insurance.

We have found these classes perfect for children and young adults who have been in traditional therapy for years and are ready to try something new. Previous participants have said that they often forgot they are having therapy as they were having so much fun.

All group therapy sessions will be held at NTSOC in Colorado Springs unless otherwise stated. Our Colorado Spring office is 1130 West Woodmen Road, 80919. If you are interested in registering for this class, please contact Brier Van Valin or 719 694-6362.