I will never forget the first time I saw my daughter eat Jillian unassisted. We were living in San Diego at the time, and she was having clinic-based occupational therapy. Her bowl had a suction cup keeping it tethered to a flat surface. She at with a weighted spoon, consuming small cut-up pieces of banana. I drove home to see if I could have her eat independently with our family at the dinner table. I was disappointed because I didn’t have the tools needed to emulate what the occupational therapist had shown me in the clinical-based therapy session.

Flash forward ahead to 15.5 years, and I understand why. Jillian thrives in home-based occupational therapy sessions.

The first time Jillian had occupational therapy at home, she was 14. Something inspired her to take command of her environment, as the very next morning, she woke up and made her lunch for the first time. When you grow up with a child with fine and gross motor challenges, it is often easier to do tasks than properly instruct them to do basic chores. As Jillian has learned more about navigating our home environment, she has surprised our family by doing things like taking the post at the sink to clean up all dishes after dinner. As her confidence level has gone up, she has taken on more household chores.

Home-based occupational therapy programs take advantage of natural environments. Instead of utilizing tools that a family may not have at home, the therapist spends time making home modifications and suggestions to help achieve goals such as independence, new ways of doing tasks, and even new systems to help with organization.Jillian receives home therapy through NTSOC. Every week, she works on tasks such as sorting laundry and loading the washing machine. As Jillian has long hair that is prone to tangles, she has received the proper instruction on how to separate her hair on each side and make sure that she thoroughly brushes it all. As Jillian has learned how to manage knives safely, she cuts produce for our nightly salads. She also sets the dining room table and hand-washes and dries dishes. I have even worked with her therapist to organize her closet. As Jillian inches her way toward more independence, we have created picture task lists and affixed them to her bathroom mirror to remind her of the steps she needs to take to get ready in the morning and go to bed in the evening.

NTSOC has openings for home-based occupational therapy. Our staff of therapists create comprehensive care plans and work with your loved one regularly to promote functionality and independence where appropriate. Assessments include an evaluation of your home environment. If you would like to get started with your child or young adult with home-based occupational therapy services, please contact Juanita Macias at 719 574-5562, extension 221, to complete your intake.