Written by Espen Hosoien. Espen is our outpatient clinic manager. He has been with NTSOC since 2003. He is a physical therapist who helped start our clinic back in 2005.

NTSOC offers both outpatient and home-health occupational, physical, and speech therapies. We are one of the only home healthcare centers that have both options available to our clients.

For instance, we have a 17-year-old who has cerebral palsy receiving home-based speech and occupational therapy, as well as outpatient physical therapy. She can have programs tailored in her home to make use of natural environments and work out using all the benefits of equipment in our clinic.

The beauty of having a choice on where rehabilitation occurs is that a combination can be tailored to fit our children or young adults’ needs. When there is a choice about where therapy happens, a quality program is developed to keep our client’s needs in mind. Sometimes, home-based treatment makes the most sense at the start, but outpatient therapy may be more appropriate as progression happens. Sometimes the inverse happens, too.

From the inception of the NTSOC outpatient clinic, we had continuity of care in mind for our various therapeutic rehabilitation types. When a client turns 21, he or she is no longer eligible for home-based therapies. An easy transition to the clinic keeps the therapist most familiar with the client as the provider.

Having the outpatient clinic also allows us to accommodate a clinic setting following incidences that are acute easily. If one of our clients gets injured, our clinic is equipped to do short-term rehabilitation in preparation for a return to long-term rehabilitation goals.

In our outpatient therapy clinic, we see clients of all ages, diagnoses, and medical conditions. We have had situations where a parent to one of our regular clients needs rehabilitation after surgery.  We have had a parent and child do therapy at the same time in the exact location.  Our clinic is set up to do orthopedic and neurological impairments.

If you are interested in learning more about NTSOC’s therapeutic services, please give me a call at 719 574-5562, extension 251.