Do you have a child or a young adult with a disability? Nursing & Therapy of Colorado has a program that can provide you the extra support you deserve. If you qualify and then become a Certified Nurse Aide, you may be able to stay home to provide services to your loved one and earn an income.

Step 1: Qualify your Child for Medicaid

Medicaid is the funding source for the Parent CNA program.

If your child already receives Medicaid benefits and is under the age of 21, you can skip to Step 2.

If your child has a disability and your family income is too high for Medicaid, or if your young adult is over the age of 21, please continue reading about Medicaid waivers.

Medicaid waivers enable adults and children to qualify for Medicaid, even if those individuals would not traditionally qualify for this program due to income and assets in some instances.

The Colorado Children’s Medicaid Waivers

Colorado manages four Children’s Medicaid Waivers, all of which align with the Parent CNA program:

  1. The Children’s Home and Community -Based Services Waiver, C-HCBS
  2. The Children’s Extensive Support Waiver, CES
  3. The Children’s Habilitation Residential Program Waiver, CHRP
  4. The Children with Life Limited Illness Waiver, CLLI

In the children’s waivers, parental income is not a factor for the C-HCBS waiver, but children must meet a certain threshold of care requirements. To initiate an intake for the C-HCBS waiver, you may contact the Single Entry Point (SEP) Agencies, Community Centered Boards (CCB), Private Case Management Agencies, or the Member Contact Center.

NTSOC is one of the private case management agencies that conduct intakes for the C-HCBS Waiver across the state.

The Colorado Adult’s Medicaid Waivers

Colorado manages six adult waivers, all of which work with the Parent CNA Program, aside from the Persons with Development Disabilities Waiver:

  1. Persons with Brain Injury Waiver, BI
  2. Community Mental Health Supports Waiver, CMSH
  3. Persons who are Elderly, Blind and Disabled Waiver, EBD
  4. Persons with Spinal Cord Injury Waiver, SCI
  5. Supported Living Services Waiver, SLS
  6. Persons with Developmental Disabilities Waiver, DD

Step 2: Complete an Assessment Tool for Your Child with a Registered Nurse

After you have secured Medicaid for your child or young adult, you can contact the home health organization you select to initiate an assessment.

An RN will assess your child or young adult. NTSOC formally submits this assessment plan to governing bodies to ensure that the hours will be accepted to be billed through Medicaid.

Once formal approval of CAN hours has been accepted, you as the parent are armed with how many hours per day your child or young adult will qualify for CNA hours.

Step 3: Earn Your Certified Nurse Aide License

The NTSOC Online CNA School allows maximum flexibility to learn to earn your license in three weeks to three months.

Our online and hybrid-model courses include:

  • Theory: 24/7 access to 32 hours of online classes, including 25 videos and three tests.
  • Labs: 2 hours of 22 instructional videos and 32 hours of demonstrations conducted via Zoom or small group instruction, followed by a lab demonstration test.
  • Clinicals: 16 hours of supervised clinical experience conducted via Zoom or small group instruction, with scenarios enacted.
  • Payment structure is $150 before registration, $400 after theory, $400 after lab.
  • Diploma showing completion of course, a voucher for the State exam, a voucher for in-person CPR, and a graduation pin.
  • In-site State testing in Colorado Springs and Pueblo facilities, when tests begin again.

If you pay the $950 and then sign a one-year contract with us to be your home healthcare provider, we will reimburse your tuition.

Our clinical services and HR teams will start the process that will officially kick off your first day of work. We will open your child’s case, and you will now be hired as their caregiver.


We know the home healthcare competition is fierce in southern Colorado. We plan on winning your business by providing you will stellar services.

To begin onboarding as a Parent CNA, please contact Juanita Macias at 719 574-5562, extension 221.