About Us

NTSOC, a nonprofit organization, serves southern Colorado families of children and young adults with disabilities by providing compassionate quality home care, case management, CNA training, and outpatient therapy. We pursue the best possible outcome defined by the client, family members, and care team.

  • Nonprofit organization means “profits” are invested in nonprofits serving families with disabilities in southern Colorado, not in some corporation’s dividends and profit-sharing plan. Being a nonprofit allows us the privilege of focusing first on serving the community.
  • The families of children and young adults with disabilities means we are family focused. State and federal Medicaid waiver programs cover most of the care we provide for clients significantly impacted by disabilities[2].
  • Best possible means desired outcomes are documented with individually defined care plans for the entire array of clients we serve.
  • Southern Colorado is primarily El Paso County southward, though we also provide some services in Douglas County and case management & CNA training throughout Colorado.
  • Compassionate quality reflects our relational focus toward those we serve, seeking to be the agency of choice for both clients and employees.
  • Home care is primarily Certified Nursing Assistant services, in-home physical, occupational, & speech therapy, and includes respite care.
  • Case management means navigating and coordinating Medicaid and social services for the families we serve. Services are provided through NTSOC and other agencies with whom we maintain mutually supportive relationships.
  • CNA Training serves NTSOC’s parents and future employees – as well as other healthcare organizations – with compassionate high-quality care deeply rooted in our training – in-class &/or by electronic delivery. Over 90% of our graduates pass the state exam on their first try.
  • Outpatient therapy (physical, occupational, and speech therapy) supplements services provided to clients in-home and gives our therapists access to the wider client community.
  • Advocacy is paramount when there are missing services or additional family needs. We passionately serve to better meet the needs of the disability community, whether we or another collaborative nonprofit is the best service provider.